Multi Globe Ventures

Project Overview

Multi Globe Ventures helps you decide which companies to invest in and when. When they achieved huge success in the local market, they decided to launch their website to grow their business. So they need a design that looks professional and makes companies feel comfortable, as well as being attractive to potential customers and prospects. They visited many websites, so they came to Deezy Vaasdev to hire a designer & developer who could do it quickly, and at an affordable price.

We helped them create a custom design for their website from scratch, which met all of their website’s requirements. Their website looks amazing by creating an attractive, colorful & clean design with a responsive layout that works on any screen size and device. With our solution, they are able to reach potential customers without spending money on advertising and they are very happy with the results. They are getting a lot of traffic and new clients because of the website.


Multi Globe Ventures

(Founder – Aman Goal)


Web Design, UI design, Integrate with backend, Portfolio


  1. Create a prototype and UI design for the website. 
  2. Integrate User Interface with the backend.
  3. Provide frontend elements with connectivity options.
  4. Design a Portfolio to show the previous work


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