NW London Contracts Ltd

Project Overview

NW London Contracts Ltd is a construction-based company in London with over years of expertise and knowledge. They had a tough time managing their work portfolio in a way that would not confuse their user. Their data is huge, and they know what is best for their use but cannot show it in an organized way. They needed a web design team that can help them achieve this. The client searched for an agency online and found us.

Deezy Vaasdev provided them with a beautiful web design that managed their data in an organized manner and would be easy for the user to digest. We added 3D effects in it to make it more attractive and increased the image quality. They now have more opportunities thanks to us because our website design increased their conversion rates by over 300%.


NW London Contracts Ltd


Web Design, 3D effects, Php coding, Image Resolution, Portfolio design


  1. Provide frontend elements with the business database.
  2. Create a clean and organized layout, easy navigation, and consistent branding.
  3. Provide responsive website design that can adjust to any screen size.


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