Ritika Vasudev

Project Overview

Ritika Vasudev is a wellness program-related business. The client helps in mental health improvement. They have an idea for a website but are not sure how to develop it.

Deezy Vaasdev created a platform that connects people with data and information to take control of their health while ensuring they have quick access to the best possible care. Our design provides people with a new way of accessing service details and staying in touch with the client. The client was very satisfied with our services and promised to recommend us to others.


Ritika Vasudev


web design, Landing page design, Booking form, Google Reviews


  1. Create a prototype and UX design for the website.
  2. Create a landing page design that is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  3. The landing page’s layout is exciting and engaging, which helps users focus on the content.
  4. Integrate User Interface with the backend.

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