Usolution Consulting

Project Overview

Usolution Consulting has the vision to empower the economic development projects of Africa. They needed high engagement, and they needed it fast! They wanted their services to be more visible when it comes to search engines, so they came to us after watching Facebook ads.

We built a unique website that is perfectly tailored to their needs and budget. Our team of expert web designers & developers work together to help Usolution Consulting at every step of the way to create beautiful and functional websites better than they thought possible.


Usolution Consulting

(CEO – Emeka Enwe)


WordPress Web Design, Logo Design, UI design, Mail Setup


  1. Create a prototype and UI design for the website. 
  2. We designed a website that is search engine friendly.
  3. Integrate User Interface with the backend.
  4. Provide frontend elements with connectivity options.
  5. Web design that is easy to use and navigate.


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