What Should you Ask Before Taking Logo Design Service?

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A logo is not a random sketch or design you put up for your company. It should speak up your brand voice and accentuate your identity. If you are serious about creating a logo for your company, get down with strategizing and identifying your company goals. Professional logo design service providers should know your company first, then design. There needs to be a proactive approach to learning and understanding the client’s vision before designing a logo for any business.

Here are a few handy lists of questions you need to ask your client to help you design a relevant logo for the brand.

Get to Know the Company

What does the company represent? What are its goals? The kind of products it sells or services it provides and what its consumers are like? You need to evaluate these fundamental questions, and it’s better to get them straight from the client’s mouth. You can get more detailed information like the competitors to your client’s business and its employee base in operations. It’s always better to gather as much as possible about the company you are creating a logo for!

Now that you have a clear idea about the client’s business, you can start thinking about an authentic design.

A Clear Vision of the Branding

A logo’s purpose is to showcase the more comprehensive visual identity and purpose of the brand as a whole. Even if you redesign an existing logo, your focus should be repurposing the old branding with the new idea. Thus, it is essential to ask questions about the changing vision of the client’s brand and what they disliked about the existing branding. 

Ask questions about the strapline or slogan that the brand has and would go along with the logo. If the client already has a logo, what do they want to change about it? Are they approaching more traditional or modern branding?

Get to Know the Target Audience

One of the most important questions to ask before designing a logo is the target audience of the particular web design development company. Knowing the audience would help you create the logo better. The demographic that your client’s audience falls in would decide what they like and dislike in the design. You should ask your client questions like who are their primary audience and which age group they fall in? If they are male or female? What is their average income, and how did they learn about the company? You would also need to know if they want to enter a new market and how they plan to make that happen.

About the Design Preferences

Now is the time to ask some questions about the creative process. You must ask your client about the type of design and color palate they want for their brand. What kind of font and icons would they prefer for their brand? If they have any design restrictions and any type of logo they think won’t work for their brand. These questions will clear your way out in your creative process of designing the logo and taking the logo design service

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