Useful Tools Required for Writing an SEO-Friendly Content

SEO Friendly Content

Your well-written article barely getting any traffic can be demotivating. To grow your business, the most crucial thing is to write SEO-friendly content. Making content these days is not the same as it used to be before. Almost everyone is on this bandwagon of marketing by producing and publishing content. Hence, you must adopt intelligent techniques to appear in the search results and achieve maximum conversions.

If you don’t want to exceed your marketing budget, making SEO-friendly content is the best way for your business to thrive. The next best decision would be hiring SEO service providers to help you write better content for your audience and search engines.

Nevertheless, if you want to create better content yourself, various trusted tools help you to do SEO-friendly content, some of which are given as follows:


KWFinder is one of the SEO tools that provides you with in-depth keyword data like CPC costs, search volume, and the fluctuation of traffic to your chosen keywords over time. It also provides you with current SERP for your keywords for the best optimization methodology for your content.

There is a free 10-day trial available for your steal. Later you have to pay a fee of $49/month for 100 keywords a day and $69 for every 500 keywords. $129/month would be the best plan for 1200 keywords a day as a marketing agency.

Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools also has various content optimization features, while its main take is its Keyword density checker. You can upload texts up to 2000 words or URLs of your article on the tool to get a detailed report on its SEO results.

It advises you on the most general keywords and helps you prevent the mistake of stuffing your content with unnecessary keywords.

The best part is, Small SEO Tools are free for their users.

IMN’s Onscreen Optimisation Tool

IMN’s Onscreen Optimisation Tool is a tool that serves you with some extra support for your SEO writing.

You can check your page’s link profile and get access to your page’s HTML code directly from the app. If you provide Content Writing Services, you must consider it to check your client’s content performance.


Grammarly is the tool that will help you if you want your content to be a mainstay in the SEO writing arsenal. It will proofread your content by performing comprehensive spell-check and provide writing assistance with grammar checks. If you want to be at the top of your search results, it’s essential to keep up the quality of your content.

SEMrush Writing Assistance

SEMrush writing assistance is a quick and efficient writing assistant tool. You just have to enter the keywords you want to rank and type your content down.

It breaks down your article into four main areas – SEO, originality, tone, and readability. Then it also provides advice on better execution of these elements for your content.

Its formidable SEO features give you efficient optimization, including reminding you to add target keywords and suggest additional keywords.

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