DH Textile Engineering

Project Overview

DH Textile Engineering is the leading fabricator & supplier of stainless steel. They are a global OEM provider of materials apparatus to manufacturers worldwide. They need a website designed to provide customers with basic information about the products offered at the site and allow them to buy from the site.

Deezy Vaasdev develops the web design of what they want. We build a website using core PHP technology that will maintain a database for storing information, tracking orders and transactions, and providing a way to process transactions. Customers will be able to spot the product pictures and other basic information, which will help them make a final decision on where and what kind of product they want.


DH Textile Engineering


Web Design in Core PHP, UI design, Integrate with backend


  1. Provide frontend elements with the business database.
  2. Create a clean and organized layout, easy navigation, and consistent branding.
  3. Provide responsive website design that can adjust to any screen size.


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