Project Overview

SpokenPro is an incredible resource for people who want to start learning languages but don’t have time or money for traditional classes. SpokenPro can’t afford a big budget, but they deserve the best, which is why Deezy Vaasdev came on board to offer the quality and uniqueness SpokenPro needs.

They needed a website that was sharp, modern and easy to use. In less than a week, we designed their site by giving them custom design content for their website that provides clean copywriting and beautiful design elements to help them grow their business.




Web Design, UI design, Courses Added, Forms Added


  1. Create a prototype and UI design for the website.
  2. Create a website design that is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  3. The website’s layout is exciting and engaging, which helps users focus on the content.
  4. Integrate User Interface with the backend.


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