Project Overview

GYAN by Suman Kadian is an online Astrology website created to provide predictions & advice from experts in an interactive & private setting. On our website, you’ll find the most accurate predictions. Suman Kadian is a professional astrologer who knows her stuff; she was looking for someone to create an engaging video that also follows her brand guidelines of being professional and informative.

Deezy Vaasdev offers services like video editing, video animation, effects, and after-effects. We offer high-quality video services at an affordable price. She asked us to create a video for her project, and we did a great job. The next day, she asked us to make a more significant contract.


CEO – Suman Kadian


Video Editing, Video Animation


  1. Create a video by adding a soundtrack, an intro, or an outro.
  2. Create a video by trimming and adding graphics to make it look attractive.

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