HM Strategy

Project Overview

HM strategy is the firm that will take care of everything. They can handle the legal research, development of strategy, implementation of strategic ideas, and execution of strategy in budget and timeline. They were looking for a videographer to help them share their content through video. They were hoping to find someone with experience editing videos, which would also be affordable. They came across Deezy Vaasdev.

Deezy Vaasdev provides them with short, engaging, and shareable videos. We added necessary information about HM Strategy in the video by using animations so that the audience can feel the video more engaging. Our simplified video editing features, including text overlays, help them create a highly-targeted campaign to increase website traffic and first-time visitors. The client was happy with the result — more reach than they could have hoped for!


Chris Holland


Video Making, Audio Added


  1. Create a video by adding a soundtrack, an intro, or an outro.
  2. Create a video by adding graphics such as images, titles, and backgrounds to make it look attractive.
  3. Insert on-screen text and effects.

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