Increased a Clothing Company’s Organic Traffic to 65%

One of our clients had a clothing business and he was searching for a digital marketing company So he found us and asked for SEO for clothing website. We helped him with it.

seo for clothing website

Background of the client’s business

Promet is our client from the eCommerce and fashion industry. The client’s company has a great appellation and reputation as the leading wedding suit and outwear provider in the domain. The eCommerce website has exclusive fashionwear, outfits, and accessories that define fashion in a unique way. All the wedding suits and gear that it offers provides users with a positive experience. The client’s eCommerce store comprises a wide range of trending suits and gowns for men and women. They contacted our agency to boost their online SERP presence.

Our objective 

Promet is always an influential agency and is known for assisting brands and businesses to boost their visibility in the SERPs. The company’s primary objective is to aid every business in achieving its goal regardless of its size and type. This is what we strived and achieved for our client as well. They had always targeted better quality backlinks to appear as an authoritative brand in the industry. Our SEO specialists used their USPs, quality clothing, and reputation to create the best SEO strategies for them. We evaluated their site and their top competitor’s site to find out the gap and fulfill every SEO requirement.

Obstacles we had to Face

Despite having a seasoned team and the best SEO expert, we faced several obstacles while working for the clients to offer them the results. The challenges that we faced include the following:

Quality backlinks 

In order to provide the best results and optimization, we had to go through extensive research. We deployed the best practices to create the most quality backlinks for our clients. The quality backlinks that we fetched eventually helped the client’s company to attain ranking in SERPs.

Website Errors

There are lots of on-page errors that we discovered and rectified.

Website Speed Optimization

The client’s website that we were working on had poor performance in terms of speed. It has degraded the user experience, and users refrained from using the site. We had to check the on-page errors and optimize them to attain speed for the eCommerce website.

Poor Navigation

Poor navigation was another challenge that disturbed the user experience of their eCommerce store. We had to fix the navigation issues to make the eCommerce site usable for the prospects.

Strategies we implemented 

Our main objective was to eliminate all the technical errors from the client’s website to make the website appear on the top ranks of SERPs. We also strategized to improve and update the content to answer the user’s query. With experience, we know what will work for the client.


After offering SEO for clothing website, we evaluated the client’s website and its performance before and after our services; we witnessed a huge difference in the first few months. The graph was significantly surging. We started optimizing their site (months and years), and as of now, the results are unbelievable.

When you talk about the organic traffic and revenue, the client is witnessing a huge $ every month. The organic traffic has also reached new heights with a surge of about 65%.

Our SEO experts have leveraged their keyword performance which eventually offered them a better performance in local SEO. We are also happy to achieve results for the clients within their budget.

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