How Web Development Agency Help Businesses to Build a Website?

Client’s Background

Our client works in the education industry and offers free courses and webinars on language learning. Using a simple and effective approach helps people increase their vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar skills, regardless of the language they are learning. They have an expert in languages like English, French, Spanish, and many more. They approached our web development agency because they want their business to be visible online & increase branding, but they don’t have the time to do it all themselves.

Our Aim

SpokenPro is known for courses that are designed for anyone who wants fluent speaking skills in foreign languages. Students can learn the pronunciation of different languages and practice their language skills via the SpokenPro courseware. Their goal is to help people enhance their language skills in English, French, or Spanish, focusing on grammar. A website is the single most important thing you can do for your business or brand. It’s the building block of your online presence and must be done right first. They contacted us, and our experts analyzed their needs and designed a website that potential users can use.

Problems We Faced

Even though we had the best development team in our web development agency, we faced problems when providing services to our clients. When working with clients, we have encountered the following issues.


The client needed the website to be user-friendly, allowing users to interact easily. It should interact with users, give them the necessary information, and respond to all user queries.


In order to make the website interactive, we have to add complex modules, so that the website interacts with visitors and provides them with the necessary information. It also responds to visitors’ queries, giving them a collaborative and engaging experience.

Modern Design

Websites can be distracting and needlessly complicated, which leads visitors to leave pages feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. So that’s our biggest challenge; the website design should be minimalistic yet modern and professional because their target audience is young men, women, and teenagers. The use of bright colors and animated transitions is overwhelming and can negatively impact your potential customer.

Meeting Deadlines

Our client was looking for a quick solution to their website development. They want to launch their website quickly but also want it to be robust and high-quality. So we have to add every functionality on time.


The client’s business was working well and providing services to thousands of new customers monthly. But after connecting with our web development agency and taking our web development services, it has gone beyond expectations. As a result, their customer base increased exponentially.

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