Project Overview GYAN by Suman Kadian is an online Astrology website created to provide predictions & advice from experts in an interactive & private setting. On our website, you’ll find the most accurate predictions. Suman Kadian is a professional astrologer who knows her stuff; she was looking for someone to create an engaging video that […]

Tropea Island Italy


Project Overview David is a videographer who has been making beautiful drone videos for the past year. He took a cinematic drone shot of beautiful Tropea Island, Italy, and then wanted to upload it to social media to get reach. He came to us to edit the video in a cinematic way to make it […]

Usolution Consulting

web development

Project Overview Usolution Consulting has the vision to empower the economic development projects of Africa. They needed high engagement, and they needed it fast! They wanted their services to be more visible when it comes to search engines, so they came to us after watching Facebook ads. We built a unique website that is perfectly […]

Ritika Vasudev

web development

Project Overview Ritika Vasudev is a wellness program-related business. The client helps in mental health improvement. They have an idea for a website but are not sure how to develop it. Deezy Vaasdev created a platform that connects people with data and information to take control of their health while ensuring they have quick access […]


web designer

Project Overview SpokenPro is an incredible resource for people who want to start learning languages but don’t have time or money for traditional classes. SpokenPro can’t afford a big budget, but they deserve the best, which is why Deezy Vaasdev came on board to offer the quality and uniqueness SpokenPro needs. They needed a website […]


web designing

Project Overview Orayu was created with the vision of spreading the basic understanding of a healthy lifestyle among people. We were contacted by the company with the following requirements: Deezy Vaasdev created a simple, informative website for them. This was achieved by using a clean and minimalistic design that suits their needs as well as […]

Omex Homes

web design

Project Overview Omex Homes is a Canada-based interior design and home renovation company that provides professional designing, decorating, and project management services. They were facing trouble with the customer not being able to find the right service to choose a home designer. They wanted to create a website where customers could able to see services […]

Multi Globe Ventures

web developer

Project Overview Multi Globe Ventures helps you decide which companies to invest in and when. When they achieved huge success in the local market, they decided to launch their website to grow their business. So they need a design that looks professional and makes companies feel comfortable, as well as being attractive to potential customers […]

Om Lakh Chander

blogger web develop

Project Overview Om Lakh Chander is a blogger who was looking for a new way to showcase his work and share it with the world. He wanted a blogger website with links to his social media pages. He came across us after seeing our work on Google search results and asked if we could provide […]