How We Helped A Fitness Company’s Organic Traffic to 510%?

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Background Of Our Client’s Business

Our client deals in the fitness industry and is known to have the best physical therapist. They have facilities that offer state-of-the-art equipment in a well-light, spacious, and clean space. We have professionals that are always ready to help their clients feel good. They contacted us for SEO for health industry because they wanted to increase their brand presence, organic traffic, and authoritative backlinks.

Our Goal

Marble is known for helping brands and businesses be at the top of the search engine results pages and helping them enhance their brand presence and lead generation. It is what we did for this client. They reached out to us because they wanted to enhance their presence and get more leads, and they also wanted more quality backlinks to get more authentic leads. Our search engine optimization specialists used their expertise, analyzed the site, and did a website audit to create the best marketing strategies to help our client reach their marketing goals.

Challenges We Faced

Even after a significant amount of expertise, we also faced some challenges when providing our client’s services. We have faced the following challenges when working with our clients.

1.  Backlinks Quality

When providing our services, we had to research the best method and destinations for building quality links for our client’s website to enhance the ranking of their site.

2.  Website Errors

After conducting the website analysis, we found on-page and technical errors on the site.

3.  Website Speed

The client’s website speed lacked speed, so our experts had to fix it to enhance the user experience. We had to go through the site and look for things that slowed down the speed.

4.  Poor Navigation

We had to fix the poor navigation as it was rendering the current content, which was becoming useless for visitors.

Our Strategy

 Our SEO strategy primarily consists of helping our clients with enhancing technical issues and improving overall online marketing problems. We know that it is essential to initially smoothen the on-site rough edges.

1.  Improve Optimization

The most integral part of SEO is to enhance the optimization of the site structure. For this reason, it was the first thing we did for our client. We worked together with our clients and changed the URL structure seen by the search engines so that page dynamics would have a flat URL structure. 

2.  Site Navigation

Our consultation also included various recommendations for enhancing the navigation by integrating a more search engine-friendly use of text links in the navigation and content of the site.

3.  Identify Problems

We did a complete analysis which indicated that the site would see a dramatic increase in organic traffic from the search engines via improved rankings on top-level category keywords that were better for our client’s site.

4.  Updating Website Content

We checked the site content and saw that it needed up-gradation. Our professional content writers began to write highly optimized content for their websites and update the content of the service. We also include a complete analysis of competitors and their marketing and content writing strategies to keep the client’s business ahead of its competitors.

5.  Competitor Analysis

Our working professionals used all winning methods and strategies, such as following their competitors to learn about their methods and technologies and at what point they are better than our clients. We thoroughly investigated the competitor’s popularity, checked their content, etc. It has allowed us to implement the latest and better things.

6.  Custom SEO Strategy

We developed the best and unique strategies according to the need of our clients and their marketing goals. We made a custom SEO strategy to help our client achieve their business goals.

7.  Created Aggressive SEO Off-Page Plan

After looking at their competitors, we found out that our client needs an intense off-page plan such as link building and blog posting.

8.  Decreasing Website Loading Speed

We saw that the loading speed of their site was slow, we ensured to enhance the speed by getting rid of unnecessary items to speed up the site loading speed.

9.  Filled Gaps And Opportunities

We looked at and edited the loopholes, such as enhancing their titles and meta descriptions with the target keywords to get a better website ranking.


After providing our SEO for health industry’s services, we compared the client’s business from the day we handled their marketing when we were not associated with them. We saw that the graph significantly increased continuously. We began to manage their optimization and marketing in (month and year), and you can see it till today.

When speaking about the organic traffic, it is $700/Month, and currently, the organic traffic has reached greater heights. Our client saw a more than 500% increase in web traffic by users. Almost 210% of new users came to their website, which resulted in a 111% session increase.

Our client saw significant improvement in the total clicks, almost 201% and 450% total impressions. They also saw an increase of more than 150% in the referring domains. Our marketing methods and services assisted our clients in achieving their goals by 140%.

Our SEO specialists enhanced their keyword performance, resulting in people automatically finding their sites by searching similar keywords as our client’s business. We are happy to say that all of these results were achieved within our client’s budget and without any paid advertising.

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